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Stress: Is it Silently Destroying You?

Alan Andersen

Stress costs your organization money. Gone unchecked, stress can be a silent killer that leads to disengagement, strife and apathy. Not to mention the stress in your own life!

Has your drive, focus and vision unknowingly crossed the line to “stressed out?” Hint: You are usually the last to know. Are you self aware enough to know the stress levels of those on the team you lead or even your own family?  Could it be stress is at the root of you not achieving your desired results?

Before you tune me out, stress can be positive and a healthy dose makes stress a necessary part of getting stuff done. However, I find in fast growth companies; it is the person who is in control, aka team leader, who is often the one blessed with the “positive stress.” It makes sense, as it supports their “driven” way of life and feeds the adrenaline machine. Sadly, these same leaders are frequently “unaware” of the unhealthy levels of stress percolating in their department, their organization and frankly their own stress level when it crosses the line into an unsustainable lifestyle.

We are excited to partner with Target Training International and introduce our new Workplace Stress™ assessment, a diagnostic tool that examines stress levels impacting individuals, departments and organizations. 

Here are 5 Questions you can ask yourself to lower your stress at work?

  1. What are the circumstances that make your deadlines seem unrealistic?
  2. Who could help you better understand the key performance indicators in your role?
  3. What questions could you ask to better understand the direction of the organization?
  4. What specific issues are causing you to be concerned in the workplace?
  5. What are the conflicts that cause you frustration at work?

Perhaps you have done over the line of busy and are not plain stress.

As I passionately shared in my book Clarity in the chapter “Busy vs. Intentional”  I hate it when people say Shandel, you are so busy.” Defensively I respond, I am not busy, I am intentional. Well, I gotta keep it real folks, I am both right now and my stress may be positive and good, but I am on high alert. How about you?

Your Coach,