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Top 10 Behavior Traits of the Successful Entrepreneur

Alan Andersen

I once spoke at the NCET Entrepreneur Expo in Reno, Nevada.

To prepare and test my theories, I surveyed a few of my clients and other EO members on the top behavior traits, personal values, and potential hindrances of the entrepreneur. 

The number one behavior trait that showed up was servant leadership which of course thrilled me as I totally agree!! The next one was around being Driven for results, focused, determined, committed, never say can't do it – yet ready to change on a dime! In my coaching, I call it “Focused and Flexible.” As I presented, you could see the start-up peeps taking notes as they are really want to learn other successful leaders are doing. I thought I would share them to challenge you as well.

Ten Behavior Traits of the PASSIONATE Entrepreneur

Purpose Driven with a Big Vision

A Risk Taker

Solid Decision Maker

Servant Leader

Influences Others

Oriented for Results

Never say “Can't Do It” they make it work!

Ability to Communicate

Team Builder

Extremely Resilient / Flexible

Which one do you need to work on this week? Please share below what your favorite trait is and how you live it out.

Your Coach for Clarity,

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