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My Wish List for Your 2016

Alan Andersen

2015 is drawing to a close and I’ve been reflecting on what I want for all of you in the next year of your lives and leadership.

I drafted the top five things I learned in 2015. I dashed off a bunch of brainy concepts on trends I see for 2016. None of it felt right, because it wasn’t from my heart.

What was on my heart — what is on my heart — is what I want for you as a leader. Here’s my wish list for you. I hope it becomes yours as well.

What I Want for You as a Leader

I want you to be courageous. I want you to tell the truth and be real.
I want you to be humble and to be confident. Call it humble-confidence.
I want you to be clear about your priorities and honor them.
I want you to communicate, and once you feel you have, then do it again six more times. I want you to connect with others in a new and meaningful way. I want you to listen, truly listen to others and hear what they are saying and what they are not saying.
I want you to delegate 50% more. You need help to do so, thus I want you to ask for help.
I want you to see people, not as objects or obstacles but as human beings. I want you to see their strengths and identify their weaknesses. I want you to focus on their strengths and encourage them to use them daily. Try coaching a weakness into a strength by positive transformation (i.e. a poor communicator can be an excellent communicator with self-awareness and instruction.)
I want you to celebrate wins and to catch people doing what’s right.
I want you to engage in healthy conflict — daily. Disengage from dysfunctional conflict. Know the difference.
I want you to seek alignment. That’s a big statement.
I want you to have clarity and to truly focus on what matters only, everyday. I want you to live with purpose and lead others in a manner so they can live their purpose.
I want you to be heard. I want you to be seen. I want you to be understood. I want you to first do the same for others, be the first to serve.
I want you to take care of yourself mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally. I want you to know your weak area and get a coach or mentor to help you with it.
I want you to call out greatness in others and I want you to be great. 
Simply, “to be” is the key. I want you to be the best you can be in 2016. 

Next week I will share what I want you to STOP doing in 2016! Don’t miss it!

Your Coach,

This article previously appeared at True Life Coaching, a subsidiary of Shandel Group. If you enjoyed this post, read Shandel's book, Clarity: Focusing on What Matters.

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