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S.T.R.E.N.G.T.H. to overcome your negative self talk and other behaviors in 2 words

Alan Andersen

This weekend I had the honor of speaking to the UNR Women’s Basketball team at their retreat in Lake Tahoe. What an impressive group of young women full of character, focus and drive. I can’t wait to see what Coach Jane Albright brings forth from this year’s talented Wolf Pack! I promised the team to send them my favorite behavior modification via Bob Newhart so check it out below for a good laugh.


Their theme this year is from strength to STRENGTH. So I went along with the theme and walked them through some of my favorite coaching concepts that matched up to the acrostic.

S = What is your story? Must watch your self talk at all times.

T = Trust is key. Begins with trusting yourself and then your team.

R = Respect is earned. Must give it to receive it.

E = Enjoy the journey. Don’t get so focused you forget to be grateful and have joy.

N = NO – must say no to things that don’t fit your values in order to say yes to…

G = Goals – What do you truly WANT? Make sure all goals align with your values.

T = Truth is key. Tell the truth first to yourself and then to each other always with kindness.

H = Health. Taking care of your body, mind, and spirit is essential for top performers in any discipline.

Rate Your Health

The coaching exercise was given and I offer it up to to take as well.

1.  Rate yourself from 1-10 in these 5 areas of health: Physical, Relational, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional.

2.  Based on your outcome, what is one area you would like to focus on?

3.  Next, come up with an action plan for that one step.

4. Share it with others and out loud for accountability.


As we went around the room and discussed action steps. I had a funny moment come over me and kiddingly gave my 2 word advice - STOP IT! Then promised them to send them this video my coach Barb Connor sent to me years ago when she gave me the same advice about my lousy self-talk.

Would love to hear your thoughts and comments below.

Your Coach For Clarity!

This article previously appeared at True Life Coaching, a subsidiary of Shandel Group. If you enjoyed this post, read Shandel's book, Clarity: Focusing on What Matters.

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