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Two Questions Every Leader Asks

Alan Andersen

Do I have what it takes?

Will I be found out?

Even the most successful leaders struggle with one or both of these questions at some point in their career. After 15 years in the business, I can assure you there are solid, healthy, affirming answers to these two tough queries.

But only if you are willing to look deep into your heart to find the source of the question.

Often the hidden self-talk to these questions can sound something like this:

Do I have what it takes to reach the next level of success? Will I be able to be successful in the long run? Will I be able to survive the inevitable challenges? Can I really be all that I want to be, or is this it? Do I have what it takes?

If you are going to lead well, you need to answer these questions and stop making a fool of yourself trying to prove yourself. If your identity is grounded in your job, your business title, your status, then these questions will haunt you.

However, if you excel your leadership maturity process, you can rest in the confidence and challenge that great leaders before you have calmed themselves with this simple truth: Your identity is not your job. Your job does not define you.

Great leaders believe they have what it takes to do whatever their purpose requires of them. While at the same time, they are humble to stay open to the fact that they do not know everything and need others to help and support them.

When we walk in humble confidence, these questions lose their power over you. Do I have what it takes? Yes, and if not, I have a team around me to help me figure it out. Will I be found out? I already have been found out. I did not get here alone and I will not get to the next level without a team of people around me. I am confident of our future success because of the people I have around me.

When your identity is not in being “all that” and “the best” but simply your best, then you will find you are the very best you can be, today and always.

If you are ready to answer some of these questions for yourself we are here to support you in the journey!

Your Coach,


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