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Leadership is A Calling Not a Job. Clarity #3

Alan Andersen

We embark on Week 3 of Clarity: Focusing on What Matters.  It has been fun to hear the progress of those who are taking the challenge seriously.  While I was working on last week’s challenge to simplify everything, I came across this receipt.  Now this faded expense report looking thing means nothing to you, but for me it took my breath away when I saw it.

It took me back to August 17, 2000, the day I learned about this new thing called “coaching” and knew that was my calling.  I was attending the EO Universtiy and attended an after lunch workshop telling us as Entrepreneurs why we needed a coach.  Mesmerized is an understatement, I kept saying to myself, “People get paid to do this?  I do this everyday of my life!.”

That was the beginning of my leadership coaching career.  I signed up for school that night, had my first pro bono client 2 weeks later, and moonlighting to figure out how best to launch this new business.  I have not stopped since that day and I feel as called today as I did that hot August afternoon.

So as I found that receipt, it took me back to my roots and my encouragement to you today is you never know the day, hour, city, or moment you will receive that sure call to your next level.

My question to you is are you listening?  Is your mind and soul quiet enough to hear when you get that “I know that I know” feeling that changes everything in a moment.  You can’t control the call per se but you can control your environment so you are ready, willing and able when you hear that still small voice.

What do you think you are called to?  It is an interesting question.

Your Coach for Clarity -

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