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The Value of Values. What are your Top 5?

Alan Andersen

Around here we hit the topic of values hard! Why?

Because if you don't know your top five values you will float around like a jellyfish making poor decisions.  Often, I find that when we are living a complicated, adrenaline based, non-stop life, we wake up one day finding no joy, little fun, and lost purpose.

It is imperative that you get back in line with your values. How do you do that?  Simplify.  Get rid of everything on your plate and your to-do list that is not in line with your values.  If you don't know your values, next week we will offer an opportunity to win an online assessment to help you in the process.

Until then let's give it a try..List your top 3 values. For the remainder of the day do not spend time on any tasks that do not include these 3 values.  I will continue to share thoughts below, but first let me know how you are living your values.

Tell me what is your #1 value and how you are honoring it today.

Your Coach for Clarity,

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