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11 Years of Truth-telling, Life-giving Coaching: Reflections on our Anniversary

Alan Andersen

On this exact day in 2000, I started True Life Coaching in the heart of Time Square in NYC.

Today, I am in the heart of San Francisco reflecting on 11 years and investigating our biggest opportunity to date.

Here is what I am celebrating today:

Transformed Lives

Starting with mine. It has been such an honor to serve amazing clients and see lives changed on a consistent basis.  This day is about being so thankful for a purpose filled life and all those who make it possible.  Oh how my cup overflows with…


Publicly, I'd like to draw attention to my faithful executive assistant, friend and cousin – Jennifer Bookamer.  Jenny has been with me for a majority of that time and without her partnership and patience I would have gotten a real “job” years ago.  Thank you Jenny!

Over 11 years, what has changed?

Everything and nothing. We have revamped and challenged how we go about doing business each year.  We add and delete product and services every 18 months.  We never stop learning and always keep growing.  Our ideal client grows and evolves with us. I'm not afraid to grow, but who we are will not change.

The coolest part of True Life Coaching is that our vision, purpose, and values have remained focused, consistent, and intact since day one.  Here is who we are:

We desire that every leader wisely and profoundly impact their sphere of influence.

We exist to inspire leadership and life at the next level. Whatever that might mean for the individual, team or organization in front of us.

We do very serious result oriented work in a very WITTY manner –  Wisdom, Integrity, Truth-telling, Totally FUN (key!), You-centered.

Celebrate True Life with me by living your true life!

What great memory do you have of when you knew you were living your true life?

Thank you for your support!

This article previously appeared at True Life Coaching

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