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5 Steps to Your Best Year Yet!

Alan Andersen

How is your 2016 – are you off to a great start, or are you stuck at the starting line? If you didn’t see our 4th quarter newsletter, it is full of new year inspiration.

I want so much for this year to be your best yet – best in ALL areas, not just an out-of-balance limping along where you are excelling in one area and woefully anemic in many others. So how do we go about it?

Here are 5 things you can give your attention to – TODAY!

  1. I want you to be courageous. I want you to tell the truth and be real.
  2. I want you to be humble and to be confident. Call it humble-confidence.
  3. I want you to be clear about your priorities and honor them.
  4. I want you to communicate, and once you feel you have, then do it again six more times. I want you to connect with others in a new and meaningful way. I want you to listen, truly listen to others and hear what they are saying and what they are not saying.
  5. I want you to delegate 50% more. You need help to do so, thus I want you to ask for help.

If you are ready to say YES to the life that is in alignment and has priorities, contact us! We have coaching packages for you in both your leadership and personal life.

What are you waiting for??

Your Coach,

This article previously appeared at True Life Coaching, a subsidiary of Shandel Group. If you enjoyed this post, read Shandel's book, Clarity: Focusing on What Matters.

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