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Alan Andersen

My good friend Dave Kraft sent this via his blog and I immediately thought of 10 people I wanted to send it to. Which always means I need to read it again and apply it to myself first.

Take a few moments to honestly answer these questions about yourself.  Now are you ready for the real challenge? Send them to the honest people on your team.  We invite you to follow our blog and receive leadership tips and other great coaching.


Is anger at the root of how I lead people?  Many leaders are fueled by anger. It comes out in the way they treat people.

Am I motivating or manipulating the people I lead?

Do I feel I have to have an opinion or position on every issue, or can I, in humility, say I don’t know?

Am I okay with others on my team receiving credit without me being mentioned?

Do I have the courage to disappoint some people by not doing what they are expecting or demanding?

Am I willing to learn from anybody, at any time, on any subject? Am I truly teachable?

Am I secure enough to be wrong and admit it, instead of playing the blame game or making excuses?

Do I give loyalty (as well as demand it) from those I lead?

Am I willing to defer to a better idea or does it always have to be my-way-or-the-highway?

Your Coach,



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