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The Top 10 Ways to Build Relationships

Alan Andersen

The holiday season is upon us – it’s a natural time to consider our relationships. Around this time, many of us reflect on the past year and evaluate how we are doing in the different areas of our lives. I encourage you to consider how to honor the people in your life and ways you might improve upon what is already going well, or mend a relationship that needs a little attention. If you discover your relationships can use some improvement, we are here to help!

Your Coach,


Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Assign a high priority to relationships.
Let people know they are valued both through verbal affirmation and action.

2. Share feelings.
Communicate warmth, care and concern. Genuine emotions for others leads to reciprocity.

3. Be real.
By being authentic and genuine with others, you offer a level of vulnerability but also enable a degree of closeness.

4. Get interested in other people.
Find out what things they’re interested in and listen. Listening is far too under-rated a tool in showing care.

5. Consider the content and tone of information.
Be careful with criticism. Communicate a positive regard for associates. Encourage and promote personal projects.

6. Affirm positive qualities.
Let people know what you like and admire about them. Provide sincere praise.

7. Have time.
Offer your undivided attention. If relationships are really important, they’re important enough to invest yourself.

8. Be friendly.
Humor, smiles and a happy outlook on life attract people. Preach success, demonstrate positive emotions and showcase optimism.

9. Maintain the contract of the relationship.
Boundaries, confidences, and quiet understandings need to be respected. Loyalty and trust are the foundations of long-term connections.

10. Appreciate the gift.
Forgiveness and gratitude enable the repair of breeches. They express the value of the relationship and permit correction of transgressions.

About the Submitter
This piece was originally submitted by Robert G. Jerus

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