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Eliminate the Emotional Drain from Leadership

Alan Andersen

Do you know how much negative emotional drain is costing you and your organization? How about you as a leader? When I ask that question to an executive team, I have them actually calculate the amount of hours they personally spend:

  • Preparing for a meeting they know will be laboriously taxing.
  • Couching what they need to say with enough political correctness to not offend anyone.
  • Recovering from a difficult conversation.
  • Listening to gossip.
  • Venting to others or their spouse when they get home.
  • Silent pretend conversations you have in your head about what you would really like to say.
  • Fantasizing about firing yourself or others off the team.
  • Using your favorite escape vice to recover from the stress and dysfunction at work.

For a pretty good team that is being conservative in its estimation – I get around 40 total hours per week. For teams who haven’t done work on building trust, understanding communication styles and resolving personal conflict, that number is too high right now for you to actually believe it is possible.

Next, I have them take that number and multiply it by the average billable hourly rate.
____ # of hours
_____$ billable rate
_______ Cost of the emotional drain…not to mention opportunity loss.

Needless, to say it is a very expensive problem that doesn’t have to be. With just a small investment of time, energy, and resources this can be reversed quickly.

The Key Is Clarity

Clarity of the WHY: Purpose, values and vision.
Clarity of the WHO: Build and develop the team via understanding communication and motivator styles, team emotional intelligence, and individual stories and conflict blockers.
Clarity of the WHAT: Long-term vision, 3-5 year plan, one year strategy, and quarterly initiatives.
Clarity of the HOW: Goals, tactics, action steps, communication methods, behavioral norms and team agreements.
Clarity of the WHEN: Meeting rhythms, accountability charts, and white space in place.

Alignment Is The Result

Leadership is a joy when there is clarity. From clarity comes alignment of purpose and productivity. When all people are rowing in the same direction for the same purpose the results are an amazing and exhilarating culture. The right people doing the right thing in the right way for the right reason. YES!

How can you get clarity and eliminate the emotional drain you are experiencing at work?

Your Coach,

This article previously appeared at True Life Coaching, a subsidiary of Shandel Group. If you enjoyed this post, read Shandel's book, Clarity: Focusing on What Matters.

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