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Healthy Leadership Is Information AND Action

Alan Andersen

Imagine, just for a moment, the Kentucky Derby. What comes to mind when you hear that high-stakes race mentioned? Is it the finely trained thoroughbreds? Intense, albeit smaller, Jockey's? Maybe it's the buzz in the air.

Now imagine the starting gate. You look down at the gates and see thoroughbred after thoroughbred. However, in the last gate, you see a pint-sized pony! A pony. Running against thoroughbreds. In the Kentucky Derby of all races. Now let's ask, will a pony finish the race? Most likely, yes. Does it have a shot at winning the race? Absolutely not.

In order to have a shot at "winning the race" you must not only have the opportunity but as well the ability to win. Therein lies the power of the third principle of healthy leadership.


I am especially looking forward to reviewing the third principle of healthy leadership in this article. If you're just joining us, you can start from the beginning here, though not necessary.

Alan, what is so special about the third principle? Aren't all the principles of healthy leadership important?

I'm glad you asked! Yes, all the principles of healthy leadership are important. However, the third principle is particularly helpful for two reasons.

First, this principle is brief and easily understood. I love simple, especially as it relates to effectively learning what Covey would call making "quantum leaps" in improvement. Learning and applying something that will give exponential returns on investment.  Second, it is practical. If something is not realistic then why waste your limited mental energy considering the impractical.

This principle is comprised of two powerful concepts. When these different concepts are paired together they can produce life-altering outcomes. However, when they are separated, there is little ability to accelerate healthy growth. 

Principle Number Three: Healthy Leadership is Information AND Action.


To further drive this point home, consider a coin. While there is complete unity in the body of the coin it clearly has two distinct sides. Additionally, it's value is largely recognized by both differing sides. Not to mention the many would-be counterfeits that look similar but are in reality not the real deal.

Practical Application

The third principle is very similar to this coin analogy. Information void of action is functionally useless. Action apart from information is likely detrimental! And yet, the powerful bond between understanding correct information and executing productive action is what separates the good from the great.

Derek Sivers says it best...

"If [more] information was the answer, then we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs." 

Let's consider the importance of gaining accurate information.  Equally let's employ what the late great Zig Ziglar encouraged us to do, namely start being great! It is only when we gather the right intel and take the right steps that we begin to make an impact.

Who is counting on you to pair information and action?

Pulling for you,

Alan Andersen

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