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Leadership Defined

Alan Andersen

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What is Leadership?

Seriously, take just one moment and consider how you define it. Moreover, have you ever defined it?

If we’re honest, most of us have not paused long enough to think through a clear, concise definition of what leadership is. Much less, have we taken the time to write anything down in order to pass on the idea to others or maybe even to set expectations for new leaders.

Therefore, we want to define leadership, or at minimum share a simple version for you to build upon. After all, how can you empower and equip someone in something that has not been defined? Now, maybe that is a rhetorical question, however, the truth is that you can’t lead most optimally when there is uncertainty.

Finally, before we share our take on leadership. It is important to consider why we need to define leadership. In brief, we live in a “new” context where there are fewer “ready-made leaders” coming out of high school, college and even graduate school than previous generations. To prove this point with a little levity, consider this as a reflection of our current society.



What is Leading?

Leading is less about managing and more about serving, developing, and growing (yourself and others). In other words, you manage resources, finances, etc. but you lead people. Those are not inherently the same things.

Now, at Shandel Group, we fully understand that management is more commonly used. However, our reasoning for contrasting management and leadership is simple. With powerful apps that automate reports, or the computing power of software, and countless other tools that will help you maintain control of resource allocation we would be wise to notice the difference between human development and non-human development.

To put it plainly, it is unlikely helpful to relegate leadership and management as that same act or task.

Leadership Defined

We believe that leadership is healthy growth that has an impact on you and others.

How do you define leadership?

Pulling for you,

Alan Andersen

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