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Passing the Test of Time, Pt. 1

Alan Andersen


Winning the Long Game

If you have done any amount of work with Shandel Group, you have undoubtedly heard us discuss “passing the test of time.” In other words, we want you to win the long game!

Our aim is to help you excel in both your personal and professional life. In order to do that, we are taking a couple of weeks to highlight first, “what is on the test” and then second, “how to pass the test”.

Our intention is to make this process simple so that you can take immediate action.

What's On the Test

The truth is that every human is essentially taking the same test. There are varying degrees of importance to be sure, however, for the most part we’re all working within similar constraints. For instance…

  • Everyone has the same amount of time in a day, a week, and month

  • Everyone has a body that needs to be nurtured (by discipline)

  • Everyone needs sleep (and whitespace)

While the list can go on, I’m trusting that you can see a principle emerging.

Namely, regardless of life stage, income level, or even competence EVERYONE is responsible for wholistically keeping themselves healthy and actively competing in the game of life.

Clarity Creates Direction and Focus

In paraphrasing the intent behind David Allan Coe’s quote captured above, it is far less important for us to look at the external trappings. Emphasizing things like looks, charm, status, wealth, and other less imperative frills. Instead, we must first value the foundation with which our external structure stands on. Like our understanding our purpose, values, vision, and mission in this short life.

And yes, even if you live until 150 years of age (which may not be altogether impossible, though it does sound terrible) that is still quite short in comparison with all of recorded history.

Our encouragement is for you to pause, and consider…

“How can you live life while keeping the end in mind?”

Closing Questions

In fact, when was the last time you updated your eulogy? Or, better yet, have you ever even written your eulogy in the first place?

If the answer is a hard negative on both accounts, start there. And if that seems too hard or even dark, let me encourage you that it is far better to live with the end in mind than to have to approach the end having never before considered it.

If you’re reading this now, you still have time, time to prepare to pass this test called life.

Pulling for you,

Alan Andersen

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