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Navigating Success

Alan Andersen

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The biggest secret to success is determining what success actually is for you. And then defining success for your team, your department and or your organization.

Too many times we just jump into work without doing the heavy lifting of thinking on what “success” actually looks like. (Side note, if you don’t think about it, how will you know when you get close?)

After you’ve determined what success looks like, then you need to FOLLOW THROUGH. Working toward the end game will look different over time. And this is why we’re learning from Dan Rockwell on this topic.

In the industry and on social media, Dan is more commonly known as Leadership Freak. Soak this in!

Pulling for you,

Alan Andersen


The path to success is messy. You’ve seen straight-line growth arrows, as if success is neat, safe, predictable and always in the upward direction.

The path to success is a volatile ocean that takes you through uncharted waters. Sometimes you circle back on yourself, lost in the fog.

The Call to Adapt:

Tenacity doesn’t serve you well until you know how to adapt.

Every stormy sea is a call to adapt as you go.

The captain of a ship knows the ship drifts. Winds blow her off course. Invisible currents pull sideways.

You never arrive at the correct destination without adjusting course as you go.


#1. Adaptability is the ability to shift expectations. Failure to adapt means you either get what you expect, or you get nothing. But people fall short. Expectations are off target.

Hold to long-term goals. Adjust short-term objectives.

#2. Adaptability is the ability to navigate disappointing results while continuing to work for great results.

#3. Adaptability is the ability to take full advantage of the team you have, not the team you wish you had.

Successful team members use THEIR strengths everyday in service to organizational mission.

Expecting performance out of weakness is a fool’s errand.

#4. Adaptability is the ability to extend second chances. You never get where you want to go if you aren’t willing to start again after failure.

#5. Adaptability is the ability to reach high – fall short – and reach high again.

A leader who can’t adapt ends up giving up.

#6. Adaptability is the ability to find something good when things don’t go as expected. Performance seldom meets expectation when you reach high.

#7. Adaptability is the ability to learn.

Disappointment is a learning moment for adaptable leaders and teams.

Bonus: Adaptability is the ability to renew energy.

Fill in the blank: Adaptability is the ability to ….

Fill in the blank: Unhealthy adapting is ….

Previously posted on 7/1/19 by the Leadership Freak blog. Follow Dan, he’s tremendous!

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