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True Connection – Is It Redefined?

Alan Andersen

In the last two months, I've been immersed even deeper into the whole social media world. Dr. Bret Simmons has encouraged me to consistently blog, Paul Anderson has convinced me LinkedIn is a must, and Abbi PR tells me I am doing ok on Twitter and Facebook right now, but it's time to get up to speed on Hoot Suite.

Last weekend, I tried to deep dive into Wordcamp and had to leave as it was way over my head!  While I was there I started a LinkedIn Group and still trying to decide what to do next.  This week I experienced my first “tweet up” thanks to @debra11!

I have invested at least 100 hours in all of this social media stuff and for what end….


… and it's worth it!

We have redefined how we connect. We have made it easy, global, and fast.  We are connecting to people we would never meet in the “old school.”  The opportunity to influence people and engage them in a meaningful way is ours for the taking.  Are you participating? Are you using your influence to connect with every tech option there is?

Good.  AND still there is nothing like a real live face to face connection.  True connection is what we do when we are together sharing life.   You can't just hide behind social media, it takes getting out in front of people and truly connecting with them.

A few tips on connecting:

Be sincerely interested. There is nothing worse than someone asking you for coffee with the guise of just getting together when they have their entire agenda waiting to launch at you. If you want to sell me tell me before you “have coffee” with me just to connect.

Be curious. There is nothing better than to have someone be truly curious about you and ask good questions to connect more deeply with you.

Be both a learner and a teacher. It is truly annoying to listen to someone who has it all figured out and just wants to teach you a thing or two.  In the same vein to have someone just take from you .  Neither is true connection so offer a few things that might be helpful to the person and leave recognizing what you have learned.

Be helpful.  Truly, connection is about mutual helping one another. How can you help someone today?

I am so grateful to connect with you here today.  What is true connection to you?

Your Coach,

This article True Connection – Is It Redefined? previously appeared at True Life Coaching

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