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The Summer of Clarity – Accountability, Leadership, and YOU!

Alan Andersen

Accountability is a hot topic right now amongst my colleagues and clients.  Leaders are sometimes the worst at being accountable to their personal and professional growth.  Think about it.  When was the last time you were so honest with yourself that you had that urgent feeling to make a real change?

How long did it last?

I am in a season of personal insight, discipline, and growth.  Part of that is my professional development around my social media disciplines and the other part is taking care of “Shandel” the person for 30 concentrated days.  At the end of that 30 days, we launch THE SUMMER OF CLARITY. Commit for 90 days and experience the power of personal accountability.

Beginning the first week of July, we will initiate a weekly challenge and you are invited to join us each week as we focus on your personal and professional growth. THE SUMMER OF CLARITY kickstarts our 52-week Clarity Campaign and you are invited.


All you need is to purchase the book Clarity: Focusing On What Matters and join in on the weekly challenge.

Clarity has 52 weekly readings so you are invited to read the excerpt (400 words or less) and then enter the conversation for:

 Accountability for your growth

 Additional tips and insights

 Encouragement toward staying focused

 Ideas for your weekly reviews

 Brainstorming and sharing from other True Life Leaders

 And much MORE as we venture together

Each week, True Life Coaching will develop content around the weekly theme showing up in the form of blog posts, podcasts, facebook chatter, and twitter posts #claritytlc all in the name of taking your life and leadership to the Next Level!

You will learn how to be a better leader and impact all of your key relationships – from the bedroom to the boardroom!

1. Buy the book on Amazon or download it to your Kindle or Ipad

2. Follow up on twitter @shandel or @truelifeinc

3. Like us on facebook / truelifeinc

4. Subscribe to our newsletter and blog at

Let me know below you are going to join in.

What is the hardest part of commitment for you?

Your Coach,

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Accountability : Love It or Hate It, We All Need it

Alan Andersen

Recently, I partnered with leadership guru Dr. Bret Simmons to coach a non-profit executive team in Reno, Nevada. Working with smart execs we were able to drill down in less than one hour to the core source of the team's barrier to growth. It was a core concept that I've witnessed and lived time and time again – accountability!

My first memory of being accountable is at age 10 in my purple bedroom with my mom as my manager. She sweetly offered to help me clean my room, closet, drawers, everything to make it perfect. Then she said, “Shandel, this is how I want your room to look everyday before you go to school. If it is not, you will be given a verbal warning. Then you will be grounded for ten minutes, then thirty minutes, and it will double every time you forget.”

It was easy to do for the first week because it was manageable. I was successful until midway thru the second week.

Coming home my mom calmly said after the day's debrief that my room wasn't clean and to go pick it up – that was my first verbal warning. Ten days later, I did it again, and again sweetly, she said I was to be in my room for ten minutes. A week later I missed Scooby Doo and thought to myself, “Oh my gosh next time I will be grounded for one hour!”

I had a clean room for the rest of my days in her house!

The habit has stayed with me for life.

To this day I am impressed that my mom had that kind of discipline and focus to hold me accountable like that. I use this example often with managers because I want them to care about their people's success in regard to training with clarity and calmness.

Accountability is a win/win for everyone and it requires honestly caring enough to be courageous and tell the truth.

Love it or hate it, good or bad consequence – what's an impactful lesson you've have had with accountability?

Your Coach,

This article Accountability: Love It or Hate It, We All Need It previously appeared at True Life Coaching

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