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The Top 10 Things To Help Your Business & Personal Life Become Healthier & More Successful

Alan Andersen

There are always things we can do to make our life better or easier or closer to our “dream” life. These changes or “choices” can affect our business and professional life in profound ways. In many ways, they can make us and our business simply but powerfully more “attractive.” This list is a sample of some ways and areas that will help us to get closer to our “ideal” life, and to become more “irresistibly attractive” personally and in our profession!

1. Assess Your Health & “Get Healthy”- Inside And Out.

Simple enough? Look in the mirror. Look at the bathroom scales. How is your energy level? Your diet? Your blood pressure? Your stress level? Know what your current health “status” is by *SEEING YOUR DOCTOR,* and start correcting things that limit your quality of life. Get healthy by CHOICE before you are asked/forced to due to a *preventable* or treatable problem.

2. *Honestly* Examine Your Current Financial Situation.

What are you “worth?” How much debt do you have? Do you have a budget? Savings reserve? Plan for retirement? Is your business *really* making money, or has it turned into just an expensive “hobby?” Get out all the “books,” checkbooks, etc. Use a professional planner or consultant if necessary. Correct overspending and *reduce consumer debt*. Cut down on unnecessary overhead/expenses! Increase profits, or make plans to do so. Have a 6-12 month “reserve” of money and *good* “disability” and medical insurance for yourself and any family members living with you. Don’t “assume” anything!

3. Get Rid Of Any “Garbage” Or “Unfinished Business” From Your Past!

Yes, is difficult to forgive and “let go” of old hurts, pain, and other unpleasant memories. AND, it is essential to do that if you don’t want those “old tapes” to drain your emotional & physical energy in the “present”. People tend to let some of that old “baggage” influence their present lies, & it is going to be always in a negative or unhealthy way. Write down who or what you are still “hanging onto,” and decide what it would take to “let it go” for *good*! Seek out a coach or other professional to help if you cannot do this on your own. It is *vital* to resolve the past for us to be able to grow and really live in the present, and move ahead and embrace the future.

4. Make A Monthly And Annual Goals Plan Or List.

Decide what you are lacking that you need or want. Write it down as an achievement or goal to reach by the next month or 3 months or year! Make the goals reasonable yet challenging. Let your reach exceed your grasp, and work toward it daily in steps you can handle. If you need help, hire a coach, or ask your coach to help you specifically in that area.

5. Upgrade Your Personal Standards And Your “Boundaries” If Necessary.

Know what your values and standards are. Make them as high as you can given your goals, your needs, and your personal and business situation. Make sure you have set “boundaries” or “rules” for people in your life around what you will and will not accept from them. This can be done in a calm and non-threatening, yet firm manner. If you are stuck or having problems with this, ask a close friend for help, or if the lack of boundaries and high standards is affecting your life badly, consider hiring a coach!

6. Stop Tolerating!

All of the small to large annoyances, insults, things we do to ourselves, and things people “do to us,” are not helping us have a quality life. Make a “laundry list” of all that you are “putting up with” currently. ANY toleration is going to affect you and have at least a small adverse affect on your life unless you either eliminate it or “reframe” how you perceive it or respond to it. To have a quality life and to be healthy, we need all the energy we can get. We do enough things to ourselves that “drain” us…we don’t need other people or things draining us as well!

7. Be 100% Honest When Speaking With Others.

Holding back how you *really* feel when communicating does more damage to ourselves, as well as to the relationships we have with others, as almost anything else. It takes courage and “practice” (by just DOING IT!) to learn how to do this and to do it in a non-aggressive and non-judgmental way. It is a skill or “trait” however, that is essential to having a truly healthy and “integrity-based” business and personal life. Being totally honest respects yourself and others.

8. Listen 2-3 Times More To Others Than You Currently Do.

Listening is an art. Almost everyone likes to talk, and to be “heard.” In business and personal relationships, learning how to listen well is very important to understanding other’s problems and what they really need from you or want to tell you. In coaching, if a coach can say that he/she listens to their client 75-80% of the time, and talks the rest of the time, they are probably hearing and helping their client much more than a coach who talks 50-75% of the time and listens only 25-50%. It is not easy for many people to develop this skill, and it is important. The way to learn it is to be quiet more…and listen more. No other way.

9. Assess-Re-evaluate Your Career And Career Goals.

Are you doing what you *really* want to do for a living? Do you get satisfaction and enough financial remuneration from your job to satisfy your needs so that you feel you are respected, impacting people, and doing what you were “meant” to do? Are you excited and “drawn” to your profession? Were you ever? If you come up with unsettling answers to these questions, it is time to make some plans for moving “up,” moving out, or changing your job description, hours, etc. A coach or career counselor can help you with this if you cannot work it out on your own. Most people need to feel good about their jobs to feel good about themselves and others. If you do not, find out why, and start looking into other options, actions, and choices.

10. Decide To Think & Talk In The “Present” At Least 80% Of The Time.

The past is gone, and we have NO control over the future. Living in the “now” or present, and thinking in the present, is both healthy and more productive. If we can use self discipline and practice, so that we do not talk or think about the past or the future more than 20% of the time, we will be much happier in many areas of our lives. The past can have many good memories, but often when people think or talk about the past it is not about positive things, rather the “bad” or negative “stuff.” The future is a dream still. It is a waste of energy and time to stay in the past or in the future much more than 20% of our total waking hours mentally or when talking. If we live minute to minute, hour to hour, there will be much less chance of dwelling into the past or dreaming too much-far into the future. We do a lot of that anyhow when we dream in our sleep!

If you know someone who could benefit from finding out how coaching can assist in this process, please check out some of our coaching options here. We can also customize a coaching package that is just right for their needs!

Your Coach,

This article previously appeared at True Life Coaching

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