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How Drag Kills Your Leadership Power

Alan Andersen

"People, if you have drag it doesn't matter how much effort you put into your stroke.  Drag negates power! Another profound lesson from the swim coach.  Of course, I felt her looking right at me.

I seem to have the same problem in the water that I do in my life. I don't utilize the power that naturally flows when I do each stage correctly. Instead, I drag my arms through the water mistaking the tiring effort it produces as progress and powerful swimming technique. I am going somewhere, aren't I? I'm working hard to get there, arent I?

Maybe so, but the thought that working harder means I'm working better has left me exhausted and worn out – mid task!

I was scolded because I was actually causing a barrier with the way I was dragging my arm.  I realized if I would just use the correct form, I would have all the power and ease I needed to go faster and, not to mention, follow a more accurate straight line down the lane as well.

Where are you struggling as a leader today?

Take a moment and do a quick evaluation.  Are you overusing your power and experiencing the drain of dragging your people behind you?  What are you missing that is simple in nature but you are making complicated because of poor form?

Humble yourself like I did this morning.  Realize that just because you have done it that way your whole life, there may just be a better way.  Yes, it will take practice and reprogramming but you have a great power residing within you that will allow you to lead well.

If not now, when?

Your Coach,

This article How Drag Kills Your Leadership Power previously appeared at True Life Coaching.

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