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Do you trust yourself? Truly trust yourself? - Clarity #30

Alan Andersen

Do you trust yourself? In week #30 of Clarity: Focusing on What Matters, asking the question today takes on an entirely new meaning.

Trust is a word that is often taken for granted. It is a very delicate “thing” because it is either growing or eroding. That is why I am continually challenging leaders to invest in their self trust, the leadership team trust, and the organization’s trust. It makes or break … EVERYTHING!

Leaders Trust Themselves

Leaders who trust themselves are calm, confident and humble. They just know the right thing to do and they trust they will make the right decisions along the way. Leaders who compromise their values, lose sight of their priorities, and gain at the cost of others are the ones who loose first their self trust and then the trust of those around them.

“Leaders who have learned to trust themselves take great pains to live lives of integrity. They do not compromise their values, they have accountability to others, and they do not think higher of themselves than they should but instead they have a very clear vision of themselves. – Clarity page 76

So back to my question, well…do you trust yourself? I am about to take a 4 week sabbatical and travel in Europe. It took many honest scary answers with myself around trust. Do I trust myself to fully unplug? Do I trust that I can get back in the game when I get home? Then the conversation moved to others. Do I trust my assistant to act in my absence? Do I trust my clients to be gracious with me and stick with me? Lastly, Do I trust my business will not go down the tubes and loose all future clients and all those other irrational thoughts? I may as well ask, Do I trust God? 

Once I got to YES to all of the above – I was ready to go. I didn’t get there until I realized health is one of my values and to honor it and myself I must do this. I had to humble myself, realize the world is not going to end because I don’t blog, twitter, or answer the phone. My part is bring my greatness for the long haul but resting and rejuicing my creativity.

How about you do you trust yourself? Why or why not? I’d love to hear your comments

Your Coach For Clarity,

This article originally appeared at True Life Coaching

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The Perils of Miscommunication. Clarity #22

Alan Andersen

When hired business to drive profit to the bottom-line, the first step we recommend is to assess what is happening with communication. To get alignment, you first must start with how do we get work done. At TLC, we make certain all team members are assessed and on the same page with their team members.

The magic is to have each member understand their own style and gain insight into their unique talents and personal blindspots. Next is to appreciate and understand their teammates’ strengths, weaknesses, and unique style. To start anywhere else, in my opinion, is a waste of money and energy not, to mention foolish. Why?

Business is Relationships

Business is all about relationships. Think about it. Businesses fail because one or more relationships did not work out (partners, customers, vendors, investors, employees). Relationships end when trust is broken. Trust is eroded if not broken immediately – usually because of a miscommunication.

Think About It

We have all had a relationship go bad, right? What happened? Something at sometime broke your trust with that person. Now think really hard about it, see if there is a miscommunication? It may have been instant or a slow erosion over time.

Here’s an example. When I was in high school, I never had a curfew because my mom trusted me and wanted to know where I was at all times. As long as I communicated I was granted freedom. Now imagine if I said, “Hey Mom, I’m going to Scott’s house” and she assumes I meant my boyfriend Scott, but when she checks up on me, I’m not there and then calls every person in my graduating class looking for me. Come to find out, I went to “Scott’s house”, the college guy I met at a party last weekend.

In my mind, I communicated perfectly per our agreement with no hint of misleading her. However, my mom is fuming and her trust in me now has a crack in it. I think she is overreacting when she asks me a million questions the next time I want to go out and so I stop telling her every detail because I don’t trust she still has that love and respect for me. Soon we are barely speaking and the relationship is compromised.

AND it happens in the workplace the same way. We think we are communicating perfectly only to find we are getting passive/aggressive attitude from someone. What do we do?

Deal with the Small Stuff

The problem in the workplace is we rarely talk about the small things that bug us. I am not advocating we nit pick and have to vent every problem; however, if we cannot overlook it and move on…it will erode trust.

I find in the workplace, small miscommunications snowball into huge big issues if not dealt with in a professional, agreed upon manner. Knowing your communication style and the style of the others is the fastest way to trust and respect. Then have a conflict resolution process that everyone agrees to and commits to upholding. It is always the small issues that cause the cancer that destroys relationships.

Start With You

Here is a resource we offer to individuals in order to find out your own communication style. For the leader of a team, we suggest you get everyone on the same page (scroll down on our Workshops page to see our “Building the Extraordinary Team” workshop) to blaze forward into a profitable 2012. Every moment you wait to communicate you compromise results. A culture of accountability and commitment must start with communication.

Where do you struggle with communication?

Your Coach For Clarity,

This article originally appeared at True Life Coaching

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What If Your Team Were More Like the Blue Angels Than…

Alan Andersen

Building Teams and the importance of trust and confidence with all team members - these are a passion of mine and I am inspired when work groups are functional, like each other, and over deliver on their results.

How would you rate your leadership team’s effectiveness? Are you compromising great results for good ones because you don’t want to deal with the issues? Is your team a joy to watch like the Blue Angels, or is it a nightmare that you wish would just go away? Be bold and courageous and build your team!

I love the Blues!

In my experience, U.S. Navy Blue Angels are one of the best evidences of team work. Last week I was on vacation near Pensacola where they are stationed. They were kicking off their season in a week, so invited the public to watch their practice shows along with friends and family. What an incredible experience for me.

I took this picture and was in awe at the precision. Can you imagine if you didn’t trust the guy on the left to:

1. Be skilled at what he does.

2. Follow through on exactly what he said he was going to do. (18 inches and no closer!)

3. Tell me, or if you will, confront me, if I have a blindspot and/or am underperforming (dude, you’re too far to the right – tighten up)

4. Like me as a person and want me to succeed and shine.

5. Listen to “The Boss” in the #1 plane for the instruction so we all are precisely performing as we agreed upon.

6. Communicate with me what he was going to do, when he was done doing it, and what he was going to do next.

7. Debrief honestly – celebrate the wins and be clear about how to improve next time.

Obviously, I could go on and on but when I watch them fly I am re-energized to be excellent at my job in supporting leaders to build extraordinary, high-functioning teams.

As I left the practice show totally inspired and driving like I was a pilot screaming down a rural Florida street to some Top Gun song, I slammed on the brakes at the name of this housing development.

It was called Chandelle, which is the original spelling of my name, Shandel. You see, my dad changed my name the day after I was born to Shandel because he loved airplanes. A Chandelle is a steep climb to gain altitude and then change direction of flight. In WWII, I am told it was the fastest way to get to a higher altitude while changing direction. Well, you can see why this moment was memorable.

Bringing it all together upon my return is super fun. I was made to help teams turn their focus in the right direction and gain altitude toward their ultimate mission and strategic goal. What a fun way to come back into reality to share with all of you my heart for teams and my passion for the Blues!

Your Coach For Clarity,

This article originally appeared at True Life Coaching

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What is the first sign that trust is eroding? 7 tips to help! Clarity #10

Alan Andersen

Why do thriving businesses, organizations and families fall apart? Let's break it down step by step.

Business is all about relationships. Think about it. Relationships with your customers, vendors, shareholders, employees, media, and when the relationships dissolves so does the business.

Relationships break down because trust begins to be questioned, silently eroding, and then eventually breaks completely.

A lot of my job is ultimately resolving conflict. Business growth is not where it could be because relationships are not high functioning and trust is eroding.  When we drill down into what has broken trust.  Ninety-five percent of the time it boils down to a small mis-communication that never was addressed. When the conflict is addressed head-on all sorts of power and resources are released into the organization.

When there is a lack of trust

When an organization or family unit starts down the path of not trusting each other the next step naturally is to avoid conflict. Then we see there is a lack of communication and people withholding pertinent information necessary to make the best decisions. A lack of trust will affect culture, profit, teamwork, and of course the fun!

Here are 7 tips to help build trust:

1. Be open and vulnerable in your key relationships.

2. Take risks to express what is on your mind.

3. Be willing to share your heart and your feelings as well as your ideas.

4. Admit when you are wrong and ask forgiveness when you fail.

5. Confront issues within 24 hours so that nothing comes between you – usually a misunderstanding.

6. Care enough to tell the truth with grace and love.  But tell it!

7. Develop your own inner self of trust which will allow you the ability to trust others more readily.

For more thoughts on trust. Read week #10 of the Clarity: Focusing on What Matters book. Its never too late to join in the journey. Just buy or download the book, turn to page 20 and share your insights.

How are you developing trust in your key relationships? Please share below – I love to hear from you.

Your Coach for Clarity!

This article originally appeared at True Life Coaching

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