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Shandel Group offers executive and corporate team leadership coaching as well as Talent Management tools.

We believe in seeking clarity

Clarity creates direction and focus in every area of life. When you and your team have clarity everything can BE ordered by purpose, priority, and productivity. In other words, you become far more proactive instead of perpetually reactive.

Why coaching?

a recent study of Fortune 100 companies showed that coaching resulted in a ROI of almost six times the program costs as well as growth, both personally and professionally...

77% improvement in relationships

67% improvement in teamwork

61% improvement in job satisfaction

- Economic Times Report

What is a Shandel?

The Shandel (pr: Shawn-dell) is a maximum performance flight maneuver. NAMely it is the quickest way to get to the next altitude while changing directions.

at Shandel Group we use those maximum performance maneuvers to take you and your leadership to the next level through leadership development.



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