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HR Professionals

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October 25th @ 8 AM
Carillon Point Kirkland, WA 98033

Next Level Coach Training Workshop

HR Roundtable and Global HR Consortium members only


participate and learn

For those who are unable to make the Part 2 training, we have created a few options for you to get that powerful TriMetrix report debriefed and put into action for your personal and professional growth.

Option 1

A 3-part webinar to debrief your TriMetrix HD report. $89.00 (offer is limited to members and those who took Part one.)

Option 2

Individual coaching session to debrief your report and the unique nuances of you. $199 for a 90 minute debrief of the Acumen Index as well as online access to 2.5 hour video debrief.

Option 3

Customized live team debrief for your organization. We can create a package for your HR working team to prepare to end Q4 on a high note and prepare for 2019.

FREE Option NOW!!

We hope you will all download your free copy of the two powerful debrief guides to walk you through your report.


We can't wait to see you at the October 25th for the Next Level Coach Training Workshop for HR Roundtable and Global HR Consortium members and taking each of you to your next level.


Trimetrix HD Debrief Guides

Part 1

Here is the debrief guide for the first 2 sections of your Trimetrix HD report called The Talent Insight portion.

Part 2

Here is the 2nd debrief guide to assist you in the next section (or the Acumen Capacity Index) of your report.

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Shandel Slaten Sutherland is Founding Partner of Shandel Group. For nearly two decades she has coached business professionals from entrepreneurs to employees of Fortune 500 companies toward realizing their personal and professional goals.

Shandel is a Master Certified Coach, an author, and an engaging speaker with a track record of assisting individuals and teams toward obtaining Clarity and focusing on what matters in business and life. She is married to John and together they love on their foster kiddos and in the process of adopting their 10 year old son.


October 25th @ 8 AM
Carillon PointKirkland, WA 98033