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Organizational Health

Organizational Health

Is your organization operating at full capacity...

We have developed an exercise to help you ask (and begin to answer) the imperative questions for your business in a facilitated 60 minute Organizational Health Diagnostic* exercise. The formula looks like this.

Clarify Priorities x Align People + Establish Performance Benchmark =

Sustainable success


Organizational Health Diagnostic Overview


Elements of Organizational Health

Org Health Categories

Each organization is different, however what is consistent across all sizes and sectors is the necessity for sustainable health and an ability to execute. When your organization is healthy you will experience much more than increased performance, productivity and profits; you will begin to generate "buy-in" from each person in the organization.

Organizational Health creates clarity around your vision and mission. This empowers you to attract employees and customers that function like evangelists who have fully bought-in to your service or product, namely your organization. 

Putting It all together

Once you have accurately assessed the correct Priorities, the right People, and expected organizational Performance you can in turn effectively communicate to everyone in your organization. This will increase collective buy-in and your organization will begin functioning at full capacity.

According to research by consulting firms The Table Group and ghSmart and company only 10-15% of organizations are being led to function in this healthy and effective manner. However, by focusing on the correct indicators, we can help you grow healthy and prosperous! 


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*Concept adapted from the following books: Power Score by Smart. The Alliance by Hoffman. How To Measure Anything by Hubbard. The Breakthrough Company by McFarland. Clarity by Sutherland.