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About Us

Shandel Group offers executive and corporate team leadership coaching as well as Talent Management tools.

About Shandel Group

Why we do what we do

We believe in seeking clarity. Clarity creates direction and focus in every area of life. When life is filled with clarity everything is ordered by purpose, priority and productivity. We live this way and will help you and your organization do the same.

What WE DO

We partner with organizations to uncover, develop and leverage their unique talents and leadership skills to achieve desired results. Using a proven and widely recognized process with a customized plan, we work to reinforce principles of trust and communication that foster strong culture, increased performance, personal productivity and profits.

Our tailored services offer practical steps to results. Whether you need to create a more productive working environment, a fresh approach to a challenging business partnership, or meeting mission-critical goals.

We specialize in helping leaders operate with awareness and integrity so that they can develop high-performance teams that operate with clarity and focus.  The leaders we are privileged to partner with are never disappointed with the ROI; and their teams reap immediate value, long-term health, and bottom-line results.

Our Story

Shandel Sutherland founded True Life Coaching nearly two decades ago. Since then she and her growing team have experienced the need for a more focused corporate training and coaching solution. Enter Shandel Group, which specializes in sharpening individual and team priorities, purpose, values, vision, mission; skills appropriate that will help you lead your company to the next level.


Today's leading companies utilize a corporate coach to...

·       Create a work culture people want to work in.

·       Empower their leadership team.

·       Build an environment of healthy conflict.

·       Stop micromanaging.

·       Convert their most challenging human resources into human benefits.

·       Get their team members to own their roles.

·       Establish focused organizational goals.

·       Set realistic personal goals.

·       Escalate a positive customer experience.

·       Maximize leadership styles. 

How Can You Do It?

Contact us today so that we can uncover your team or organization’s areas of growth.