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Our Team

Shandel Group offers executive and corporate team leadership coaching as well as Talent Management tools.


Shandel Sutherland


Shandel is an executive coach with a proven track record of assisting business professionals realize their personal and professional goals. She is the CEO and founder of The Shandel Group (formerly known as True Life Coaching). She has worked with all types of business professionals from entrepreneurs to employees of Fortune 500 firms.


For over a decade, Shandel has coached entrepreneurs, executives, professionals, and business owners toward...

  • Defining and executing their mission

  • Strengthening their communication

  • Upgrading their personal operating system

Clients learn skills that stretch beyond the office walls to bring fulfillment and success to all areas of life. Shandel believes that seeking clarity on the right thing, the right way while staying focused on relationships leads to faster growth that breeds long-lasting results.

Inside the corporate walls, Shandel specializes in assisting the executive to first lead with awareness and integrity.  Followed by developing high performance teams who are ready to improve communication, build trust, and optimize relationships.  Leaders of teams are never disappointed with the ROI of the time invested and the teams reap rewards not only in the initial team building exercise, but the long term payoff in the bottom line results. 


Shandel is a Master Certified Coach who holds a Summa Cum Laude degree in Psychology.  She is a Coach University Graduate and holds certifications in Behavior Analysis, Professional Values Analyst, and Attribute Index Analysis. She is affiliated with the National Speakers' Association, International Coaching Federation, The Graduate School of Coaching, Target Training International, and the Young Entrepreneur's Organization.   As an author, speaker, and coach, Shandel has many tools to assist and equip you with principles and concepts that can take you and your goals and dreams to the next level. Fun fact about Shandel is after 45 years of being single, she recently got married. Read their love story here.






Alan Andersen

Alan Andersen has had some degree of a leadership role in the non-profit world, public, and private sector since 2001. From innovative start-ups to established organizations, his sweet spot is partnering with individuals and teams to build strong, sustainable and a more satisfying culture. In other words, an effective leadership practice. (Learn Alan's story here)



Leaning into his deep passion for engaging, empowering, and equipping people to transform and thrive, Alan doesn't do "theory" rather he focuses on practical application. Having logged more than 20,000 hours in people development coaching, his process is simple and proven. Alan will help you (and your team)... 

  • Tap into a Growth Mindset

  • Clarify the Mission at hand

  • Uncover the Motivation for growth or change

  • Prioritize and execute a Method for sustainable success

M4 Model.jpg

He is superior in team facilitation, high-performance leadership, and conflict resolution. With a proven ability to cultivate genuine trust with leadership and support teams, he primarily helps people uncover the areas of growth and coaches them to a higher level of efficacy and accountability.

Outcomes result in raw potential maturing into increased productivity, stronger performance, and greater profit.


Alan's primary focus has been and continues to be Organizational Health. He has been involved in starting, coaching and overseeing more than 500 businesses across the U.S. and British Columbia.  Being able to work with a business from the ground up has has taught Alan the art of accelerating growth. While working through his Business Management degree, he received certification through Target Training International in the Science of Human Behaviors (DISC) and Personal Motivators and Engagement (PME). 

The cornerstone to Alan's success is his commitment to doing business at the speed of trust. Whether he is working with you as an executive coach, facilitation with your team or one of his frequent public speaking opportunities, Alan will help you embrace growth and win.




Jenny Bookamer

At Shandel Group, discussions often touch on the topic of relationships, and whether we are givers or takers. Do we focus on our needs, or do we seek to meet the needs of others? Jenny likes to remind us of the clearest indication: how do we listen?

Jenny is a listener—but that doesn’t mean she’s inactive or passive. Shandel Group would grind to a halt without her! No, Jenny has an amazing gift of asking questions about other people’s thoughts, needs, and desires so that she can find creative and effective ways to assist as she has been doing daily with Shandel Sutherland and Alan Andersen and the many clients of Shandel Group since 2003.



Jenny takes that listening skill to another part of her world where she is a childbirth educator in the Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth and a birth doula (a doula is a non-medical person who provides assistance and emotional support to a woman before, during, or after childbirth as well as her partner and family).

“We all have something to contribute in our sphere of influence,” says Jenny, who with her husband of 27 years, Ken, is proud mother to two daughters. The family enjoys gardening, hiking, board games, their horses, and being involved in their North Idaho community. “Start being an intentional listener and an effective giver and see what a difference YOU can make!”


Lisa Kitzmiller

Lisa Kitzmiller has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and over-the-top work ethic. At 10 she was selling products door to door to buy her first Pac Man game system. Right out of high school Lisa started her own manicuring business, and bought her first home at age 19.

Now through marketing and social media Lisa is helping Shandel Group help entrepreneurs, CEOs, business leaders and individuals pursue their dreams, and she loves it.



From a very young age, all the way through high school, I played basketball, volleyball and softball. It was here where my first experiences with the word “coach” or “leader” was formed. It didn’t take long to be able to identify leaders who were poor, had potential and those who great and already there!

Working under the leadership of Shandel Group has helped me to recognize when businesses are healthy, and when there is a need. I have witnessed companies who have been impacted by the work of Shandel Group, and it puts a smile on my face to see such successful transformations.

The joys in my life are my high school sweetheart, Darren, two teenage children, and my goofy dog. We spend many busy days supporting our kids and their sports, so in the quiet times, I enjoy gardening, hiking and spending time with my family and friends.

I never expected Lake Tahoe and Reno to consume such a huge space in my heart…But it has.