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Executive Coaching

Shandel Group offers executive and corporate team leadership coaching as well as Talent Management tools.


What do you need to take it to the next level?

As a leader, you know executives must always be learning and excelling for optimal results. The Shandel Group offers top-level one-on-one executive coaching as well as courses that will provide you with the insight and tools to live and lead others with passion.

You are their leader and yet you feel something missing in your own life.  This course will provide you with the insight and tools to help you live and lead others with passion.


...You are ready for an Executive Coach because 

·  You want to lead your team with greater effectiveness.

·  You have a big opportunity or challenge and need to lead your team to their next level.

·  You need help with managing an under-performing employee.

·  You want to enjoy success with a sense of control rather than adrenaline-induced stress.

·  You are ready to accomplish your goals, find your purpose and manage your time better.

·  You don’t have enough time for what is important and can’t seem to get control of your "to-do" list.

·  Your loved one feels like your relationship has been on the "back burner" while you've been growing your business.


The Shandel Group exists to help you in becoming a stronger, more focused leader -- empowering you to enjoy what is truly important to you in life by achieving more in less time and with results, joy and equilibrium.

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